Runners Fall To Wings On Long Road Trip

Wichita, KS (January 12, 2020) On a long road trip to Wichita, the New Mexico Runners fall to the Wichita Wings 9-3 at Harman Arena in Park City, Kansas on Sunday evening.

The battle between both teams was going to be a tough one with 2nd place on the line in the league. This match was one that would showcase a solid Wings team.

It would be the Wings to score first about halfway into the first quarter. They would then continue to press the Runners as they scored another to close out the 1st quarter leading 2-0.

New Mexico’s defense worked to keep Wichita at bay for about 3 minutes where the Wings took a 3-0 lead. Midfielder Jacob Gandarilla would move quickly to set up Miguel Avila to cut the Wings lead down 4-1 with 6:30 remaining in the quarter. In just under a minute Midfielder Edward Oropesa clipped in a chip shot to cut the Wichita league 4-2. The Wings would put on 2 more to close out the half 6-2.

Quarter 3 was all Wings as they pushed the gas to challenge the Runners’ midfield by scoring 2 more. Midfielder Justin White set up Forward Miguel Garcia with a beautiful shot to the back of the net to slow down the Wichita press. The 3rd quarter would end at 9-3 with the Wings leading.

The 4th quarter would be a defensive one as the Runners would step up to stop the pressure from Wichita. No goals were scored any team and the game would end by a score of 9-3.