RGV Barracudas have success on the field, bringing families together off it

Major Arena Soccer League 2 fans know the RGV Sports Complex as the home venue of the Brownsville, Texas, based team.

But for those in the community, they know it as a place where hundreds of local youngsters come to learn the indoor version of the “beautiful game” on an almost daily basis.

It’s all part of the community vision embraced by team owner Oscar Ruvalcaba, who has spent more than 15 years promoting the sport in the south Texas area.

On a recent visit, M2 Commissioner Chris Economides was not only impressed with the Barracudas operations., but was overwhelmed by how the local youth embraces the team and its passion for the sport.

“It really touched my heart., all the little kids that play out there, all the youth teams. It’s Oscar’s way of giving back.” Economides said. “They have a hard working organization and an excellent team and it’s unique that its indoor soccer outdoors, and the stands are pretty much full. Their fans are knowledgeable and it’s a good atmosphere.”

The Barracudas are clearly a serious contender for an M2 title this season, but their success isn’t necessarily only measured by wins.

“These kids train there every night. They play there, you see the moms, and the dads, all the families together. They are a loving people,” Economides added. “They are growing the game the right way, and consistently providing local families there an outlet to practice and play a sport they love. It was amazing to experience it all in person, and my hats off to Oscar and everyone there involved in providing the local youth an avenue to grow in the sport.”

The Barracudas will tune up for the M2 post-season with a doubleheader weekend against the Turlock Express on March 26 and 27 to conclude their 12-game regular season. For more information, visit the team’s facebook page HERE.