M2 Completes League Merger & Announces Schedule

MAJOr arena soccer league 2019-2020

Colorado Springs, CO (November 8, 2019) –  The Arena Soccer Group ("ASG") and the US Arena Professional Soccer League ("USAPSL") have completed negotiations for Major Arena Soccer League 2 expansion. 

ASG is a management group based out of Colorado Springs that has stepped in to relieve the workload of the MASL and help maintain the highest quality of arena soccer played in the world. ASG provides day to day league operations support as well as being tasked to expand the league with new franchises and markets.

USAPSL is a Texas based professional arena soccer league which includes cities such as Amarillo, Lubbock, Odessa, and Wichita Falls. Abilene, Texas was to be the next market set for expansion. 

The recent league merger will see the USAPSL cease operations immediately as two of its teams, the Amarillo Bombers and the Falls Town Flyers begin play in the 2019-2020 M2 season. The others including the West Texas Rumbleweeds, will wait for the 2020-2021 season.

The M2 will consist of 9 teams spanning from Chihuahua, Mexico to Muskegon, Michigan. Returning teams include the Colorado Inferno (Colorado Springs), Colorado Rumble (Denver), New Mexico Runners, and Muskegon Risers. New teams added to the roster include the Amarillo Bombers, Austin Power, Wichita Wings, Falls Town Flyers, and Chihuahua Savage.

Eight of the teams mentioned above will play in the Mountain Division while the Risers will play a provisional season with teams from the region. 

Muskegon will participate as an M2 member in a Great Lakes Conference with the plan for future expansion in the 2020-21 season. There were multiple teams that applied, but did not meet the deadline for this current season.

The Amarillo Bombers out of Amarillo, Texas  will be added to the mix giving the core of 8 teams in the middle of the country. Amarillo has one season under their belt as they are coming in as Champions of the USAPSL. 

The Falls Town Flyers out of Wichita Falls, Texas who is coming off a big result against the MASL Dallas Sidekicks after a successful first season where they finished second to only Amarillo. 

The legendary Wichita Wings hail out of Wichita, Kansas and are returning to the turf for their 40th anniversary season under the leadership of Blake Shumaker. The Wings are one of the most recognizable names in arena soccer.

The official start for the M2 season is slated to kick off December 1st, 2019 in Wichita Falls, Texas where the Falls Town Flyers will play host to the Austin Power. 

The 2019-2020 league schedule is now available. FULL SCHEDULE HERE

ABOUT THE MAJOR ARENA SOCCER LEAGUE 2 (M2) The MASL 2 was formed in 2017 and serves as the official tier 2 league in the arena soccer pyramid. The M2 and MASL represent the highest level of arena soccer in the world and combined, feature 32 teams across North America, with teams playing coast-to-coast in the United States, Mexico and Canada. For more information on the M2 visit m2soccer.com and follow along on social media @m2arenasoccer.