City of Des Moines to honor champion Demon Hawks on Monday

The City of Des Moines will be acknowledging the outstanding achievement of the Iowa Demon Hawks, who secured an undefeated season and clinched the 2024 championship of the MASL 2 during a special ceremony May 20.

In recognition of their remarkable accomplishment, the City of Des Moines will present the team with a Certificate of Recognition during a special ceremony at City Hall that day.

Mayor Connie Boesen expressed her admiration for the team's stellar performance in 2023-24.

"The Iowa Demon Hawks have showcased the best of Des Moines on a national stage. Their undefeated season and national championship win are a testament to their hard work, talent, and passion for the game. We are honored to celebrate their achievements and recognize them as true ambassadors for our city," she said.

The Certificate of Recognition serves as a token of appreciation from the City of Des Moines, commemorating the Iowa Demon Hawks' extraordinary accomplishment and their invaluable contribution to the city's sports legacy.

The presentation ceremony will take place at City Hall on Monday, May 20 at 4:45pm, where city officials, fans, and supporters will come together to celebrate the team's success and extend their heartfelt congratulations.

As the Iowa Demon Hawks celebrate this honor, they reinforce their mantra of One Team, One City, One Family standing united in pride and in their mission to inspire and uplift the community through their passion for soccer.

Des Moines United FC, now Iowa Demon Hawks, was founded in 2017.  The club began as a futsal project and evolved into outdoor and indoor soccer programs.  In 2023, Des Moines United FC joined the National Premier Soccer Team (NPSL), the only league designated by USASA as a Tier 1 national league team. The Demon Hawks are a pioneering initiative dedicated to promoting high-quality indoor soccer in Iowa. With a focus on excellence, community engagement, and inclusivity, the Demon Hawks aim to create an unparalleled soccer experience for players and fans alike, owner Darwin Salas said.