2020-21 M2 Season Start Postponed, Tournament Play Set To Fill Gap

2020-21 Major Arena Soccer League 2 Season Start Postponed, Tournament Play Set To Fill Gap

KANSAS CITY – (December 9th, 2020) With the COVID-19 pandemic still maintaining a stronghold in the United States, uncertainties continue to loom for sports markets across the country. Major Arena Soccer League 2’s current management group, Arena Soccer Group (ASG), have decided to postpone the 2020-21 M2 season until late spring, early summer of 2021. Tournament play is set to fill in until the season starts to give fans the opportunity to see M2 play prior to the start of the official season.

The 2020-21 season start will look to kick off in May or June so that all teams may be able to participate in a season. Due to the many uncertainties, the league decided that taking a patient approach to a season start date is the best way to plan a successful season. While some markets are open to operate, others like that of the New Mexico Runners are forbidden from currently hosting organized sporting events. This postponement will give teams a chance to plan as well as put things into place in hopes more restrictions in states across the country get lifted.

The good news is that with some markets allowing organized sporting events, including Kansas, Colorado, Michigan, and Texas, Major Arena Soccer League 2 teams can host and participate in tournament play until things return back to normal. A Major Arena Soccer League Tournament Series known as the “Central Cup” is planned to kick off this weekend with M2’s Wichita Wings battling MASL’s St. Louis Ambush, Dallas Sidekicks, and Kansas City Comets.

In addition to the Central Cup, M2 recently announced the Muskegon Risers will host the “M2 Great Lakes Invitational” featuring the Risers and the Colorado Inferno in early spring. The Great Lakes Invitational will also feature non-league members Fort Wayne FC and the long-awaited return of the Cleveland Crunch, both of which are also currently in discussion with the league about joining for the upcoming season. A potential Heartland and Rocky Mountain Series is also being discussed by the teams and league management.

More information regarding the MASL Tournament Series in addition to some big league announcements will be released in the coming weeks. All updates and team information can be found online at m2soccer.com

Arena Soccer Group, LLC (ASG) is the managing partner of the Major Arena Soccer League 2 (M2) and M3.

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